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First Aid

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1 / 2 Day Paediatric First Aid – Leeds

Caring for the young often includes a higher risk element due to the fact that accidents are more likely to happen. A one or two day paediatric first aid course ensures that, not only do you meet the mandatory requirements of your industry but, more importantly, you can handle a situation accordingly should an accident happen when a child is in your care.

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First Aid at Work – Leeds

Sometimes, accidents and illnesses at work are inevitable; whilst you can make your workplace as safe and comfortable as possible, you canít always make provisions for every possible outcome. First Aid at Work training allows you to deal with the elements that are beyond your control in a safe and cost-effective way, ensuring that minor accidents and injuries donít escalate.

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Emergency First Aid at Work – Leeds

Our Emergency First Aid at Work course gives you with the opportunity to educate your employees, promote a positive working environment and, of course, support your obligation to provide a safe work space for your staff. Additionally, it allows you to learn skills that can be, quite literally, life-saving - ensuring the health and wellbeing of your staff and your bottom line.

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Defibrillator/AED Training – Leeds

Performing defibrillation within 5 minutes of a cardiac arrest incident (and giving CP within those 5 minutes) results in a 75% survival rate and can, quite literally, mean the difference between life and death. AED (Automated External Defibrillation) training ensures that you are qualified to conduct this life-saving exercise, should the situation arise.

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Health & Safety

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Risk Assessment Training – Leeds

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to create a safe working environment for your staff. Whilst every accident canít be prevented, many can be minimised or eliminated by undertaking a risk assessment of your workplace. This allows you to identify potential problem areas and act accordingly.

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1 Day Health and Safety in the Workplace Ė Leeds

Health and safety training is a staple of any forward-thinking business or organisation; not only does it provide you with the essential know-how to manage a range of accidents and issues, but it also prevents many of those from occurring in the first place. This is great news for your staff, your employee absence record and, of course, your bottom line.

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COSHH Training – Leeds

From short-term, topical injuries such as skin rashes to far more severe and permanent disorders of the lungs, kidneys and liver, hazardous substances can have a serious impact on the health and safety of your staff, if used incorrectly. As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to provide your employees with the appropriate training and guidance to use and handle such substances safely. a simple, three-hour COSHH training course can provide that support.

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Fire Safety

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Fire Warden Training – Leeds

As a responsible employer, it is your duty to ensure that there are clear processes in place regarding fire safety in the workplace. A key element within these processes ought to be the nomination of a fire warden who, should an emergency situation arise, will act safely and efficiently in evacuating the building. Whilst, fortunately, this is an unlikely event, it is critical that the necessary procedures are in place, should the worst happen.

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Manual Handling

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Manual Handling Training – Leeds

Back injuries are the biggest cause of work absences in the UK. The majority of such injuries are due to poor or incorrect manual handling of loads. Not only do you have a legal responsibility as an employer to address poor handling practices in the workplace, but doing so will also highlight your commitment to staff health and safety.

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